The device don’t turn on after real sunset,but turn on one hour before sunset?
Dear user, we are sorry for your inconvenience. Please confirm that the time zone of your device under "Device Information" is correct, and then check whether the time zone under "Personal Center" in the App is correct, because these time zone settings will affect all " Schedule, Timing "and other time-related fuctions. You can fix these issues in the following ways:
  1. If the time zone of the device is incorrect, you need to remove the device after changing the time zone, and then adjust the time zone correctly in the phone settings, and then add the device again. This is because the device's time zone is based on the time zone in your phone settings, not the time zone under "Personal Center" in the App.
  2. If the time zone under "Personal Center" in the App is incorrect, after you change the time zone, you need to remove all "Schedule" and "Timing" and add it again.
  3. If the above two situations occur at the same time, please perform step 1 first and then step 2.
If the problem is still not resolved effectively, please contact us again, and we will check for you what time the "sunset" time you set for the device for further investigation.