(D-LINK Router)How to configure separate Wi-Fi SSIDs for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands?
1、On the D-Link home page, click the Settings tab and select Wireless.
2、In the 2.4GHz area, set Wi-Fi Name (SSID) to <xxx&rt;-2.4G; and in the 5GHz area, set Wi-Fi Name (SSID) to <xxx&rt;-5G, where xxx indicates the Wi-Fi name.
3、The last step is to Save the settings。 When the preceding settings are complete, the new Wi-Fi names will Appear on the Wi-Fi settings page of your mobile phone.
Note: After the Wi-Fi names are changed, you need to reconnect the devices that use this wireless router. The password remains the same if it has not been changed.