Service Agreement ASBISC Enterprises PLC
Welcome to the ASBISC Enterprises PLC platform
Before accepting the Agreement, carefully read its contents and make sure that you understand all of its terms, in particular, the provisions on limitations and exclusions. Limitations and exclusions are in bold or otherwise to attract your attention. If you have any questions related to the terms of the Agreement, please contact the appropriate department of ASBISC Enterprises PLC. You are not permitted to use the service until you have read and accepted all of the terms of the Agreement, as well as related agreements, rules, etc. If you click the Agree and submit the Agreement button (see below for exact wording). on the registration page) and complete the registration procedure or use the service in any other way, thereby you confirm that you have read and accepted the restrictions provided for by the Agreement and the aforementioned rules. In the event of a breach of the Agreement, ASBISC Enterprises PLC has the right to unilaterally limit, suspend or terminate the provision of services to you, and to investigate your respective obligations.
This Service Agreement (“Agreement”) is signed between you and ASBISC Enterprises PLC (“ASBISC Enterprises PLC”). It includes, but is not limited to, the ASBISC Enterprises PLC Policy and other documents. In the event of changes to these documents, ASBISC Enterprises PLC will announce them on its official website without any further notice. Upon such announcement, the modified agreement and rules automatically become an integral part of the Agreement without any additional notification requesting your consent. If you object to such changes, stop using the ASBISC Enterprises PLC service; By continuing to use the service, you confirm that you do not object to the changed rules and agree to abide by them.
I. Terms and definitions
1.1. “Licensed Software” means a software system developed by ASBISC Enterprises PLC, available for download from the platform, and for installation and use on mobile terminals with the specified system.
1.2. "Services" means the services provided to you by ASBISC Enterprises PLC. You can use these services on a mobile terminal with licensed software.
II. Service
2.1. ASBISC Enterprises PLC offers you smart equipment management services, through which you get access to a smart terminal based on the ASBISC Enterprises PLC cloud platform and its supplier's smart platform through the ASBISC Enterprises PLC Control management tool and can organize communication between smart devices. The service includes the management of smart equipment, establishing communication between objects, analytical reporting, etc. These functions can be optimized and modified in accordance with changes in user needs or decisions of the service provider, and the service itself may be temporarily unavailable due to planned and unscheduled technical work.
III. Scope of services
3.1. ASBISC Enterprises PLC grants you the right to use a product based on this software.
3.2. You are prohibited from licensing, selling, renting, transferring, publishing the product in any form, or using it for other commercial purposes.
3.3. Due to the limitations associated with adapting the software on terminals and platforms, you can use the licensed software only on an authorized system platform and terminal; installing licensed software on other hardware may damage your hardware or software.
3.4. You acknowledge that the Licensed Software may be used solely for non-profit purposes and that the Licensed Software may not be installed, used or run. If commercial use is required, you must obtain prior written consent and permission from ASBISC Enterprises PLC.
3.5. ASBISC Enterprises PLC has the right to periodically change, update or transfer to others the licensed software or its functions, as well as add new functions or services to the licensed software system. If the implementation of the aforementioned new features or services is not accompanied by the signing of separate agreements, you have the right to use such features and services, which will also be subject to the Agreement.
3.6. You are responsible for the accuracy, reliability, integrity and legality of the data you enter, as well as for the legality of the way it was received, and for regularly backing up data and information. You assume all risks of damage and loss of such information.
3.7. You agree to keep your account number and password properly. In the event of a breach of the security of your account (including, without limitation, disclosure of the user's password), you agree to promptly notify ASBISC Enterprises PLC, which will help you take the necessary measures. Otherwise, all actions performed on behalf of your account are considered your actions, and you are solely responsible for them **.
IV. Third person
4.1. You acknowledge that ASBISC Enterprises PLC's service is based on software or services provided by a third party. Such a service is provided to assist the user and the third party's legal permission has been obtained.
4.2. The product includes certain information and services provided by a third party. ASBISC Enterprises PLC does not control the information and services provided by third parties and is not responsible for them.
4.3. You acknowledge that ASBISC Enterprises PLC cannot guarantee that the licensed software will always use or contain such services, or that other software provided by the same third party will be used in the future. The company may also use similar services provided by another third party. If the above software or services are used, they are subject to the Agreement.
V. Terms of use of the service
5.1. You agree to use the Licensed Software in a regular manner. The following actions are in violation of the terms of use:
1) downloading or distributing computer viruses, worm programs, malicious code or software for the purpose of deliberately damaging or modifying computer systems or data;
2) unauthorized collection of information or data from other users, such as email addresses, etc .;
3) using the product for criminal purposes with the use of automatic means, overloading the server, interfering with or damaging the web server and network connections in any other way;
4) an attempt to make unauthorized access to server data or transmitted product data;
5) interfering with the use of the product by other users or creating obstacles to the use of the product by other users.
5.2. You understand and agree that:
1) ASBISC Enterprises PLC establishes the fact of your involvement or non-involvement in the above violations of the rules and, based on this conclusion, makes a decision to temporarily block or revoke your license to use or to impose other restrictions provided for by agreements;
2) ASBISC Enterprises PLC immediately deletes the information uploaded by you when using the licensed software if such information contradicts the requirements of laws, infringes on the legal rights of third parties or violates the Agreement;
3) in the event of damage to a third party as a result of your violation of the rules of use, you are solely responsible for the law and hold ASBISC Enterprises PLC free from liability for losses or additional costs caused by such violations. Otherwise, ASBISC Enterprises PLC is entitled to recover compensation;
4) if ASBISC Enterprises PLC incurs any losses as a result of your violation of the requirements of applicable law or the Agreement, you agree to reimburse the company for losses and (or) expenses caused by such violations.
Vi. Information content rules
6.1. You agree not to take any action that violates the law and not to engage in inappropriate behavior through the use of the service. These actions and behaviors include, but are not limited to:
6.1.1. downloading, transmitting or distributing information that:
1) contradicts the fundamental principles of the Constitution;
2) poses a threat to state security, contributes to the disclosure of state secrets, undermines the power of the state and destroys the integrity of the state;
3) damages the national reputation and state interests;
4) incites hatred and discrimination based on ethnicity and undermines the cohesion of the nation;
5) contradicts state policy in relation to religion and promotes heretical teachings and feudal superstitions;
6) spreads rumors, undermines public order and social stability;
7) promotes obscene behavior, pornography, gambling, violence, murder and terrorism, or incites crimes;
8) contains insults or slander against third parties and violates their legal rights and interests;
9) contains falsified, false, damaging information and threats; violates the privacy rights of third parties; includes materials aimed at harassment or violation of rights, as well as libelous, offensive, obscene or morally unacceptable material;
10) includes other materials, the distribution of which is restricted or prohibited by applicable laws, regulations, rules, regulations and other legal standards.
Vii. Privacy policy and data
7.1. ASBISC Enterprises PLC is committed to protecting your personal data. She has developed a Privacy Policy for the ASBISC Enterprises PLC platform, covering issues such as intellectual property rights and their protection, collection, use, transfer, storage, protection, etc. of your information. It is assumed that you have carefully read the Privacy Policy for the ASBISC Enterprises PLC platform.
VIII. Exception clauses
8.1. Unless otherwise provided by laws and regulations, ASBISC Enterprises PLC will take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety, legality, accuracy, and reliability of the licensed software and associated technology and information, but ASBISC Enterprises PLC cannot guarantee this. the strength of the limitations inherent in the technologies available today.
8.2. You acknowledge that ASBISC Enterprises PLC assumes no responsibility for actual or consequential damages caused by force majeure circumstances and non-performance of obligations by third parties.
8.3. You are responsible for harm to the health of personnel, as well as for accidental or indirect harm to health as a result of any of the following incidents: 1) unauthorized use of licensed software or change of your data by a third party; 2) expenses and losses incurred as a result of using the licensed software; 3) your misunderstanding of the licensed software; 4) other losses related to licensed software and caused by reasons beyond the control of ASBISC Enterprises PLC.
8.4. Any other licensed software, that is, derivative software that has not been developed and released by ASBISC Enterprises PLC or has not been authorized by ASBISC Enterprises PLC to be developed or released, is illegal software. Downloading, installing and using such software may involve unpredictable risks. ASBISC Enterprises PLC is released from liability in the event of disputes related to such software, and has the right to temporarily block or revoke the license to use and / or terminate all other services.
8.5. You are informed that the ASBISC Enterprises PLC platform and its provider's smart platforms are an Internet service, the quality of which may be affected by unstable connectivity factors. Despite the fact that ASBISC Enterprises PLC has taken security measures, the provision of the service may be suspended or terminated, postponed, degraded due to the restriction or inability to use it as a result of internal failures in the Internet and electronic communications, as well as factors beyond the control of the will of the parties to the Agreement (including, but not limited to, fires, floods, terrorist attacks, epidemics, natural disasters, uprisings, virus infections of terminals, hacker attacks, network and terminal failures). You hereby acknowledge the above risks and agree that ASBISC Enterprises PLC is released from any liability in situations where the listed risks affect the normal operation of the services.
IX. Termination of the Agreement. Breach of Agreement
9.1. You acknowledge that by using the services of ASBISC Enterprises PLC, you must use the licensed software to the strictly permitted extent, as well as respect the intellectual property rights to the software and its contents and fulfill the obligations provided for in the Agreement. If you find yourself in material breach of the Agreement, ASBISC Enterprises PLC revokes your license to use.
9.2. Your use of the software is dependent on ancillary services provided by companies associated with ASBISC Enterprises PLC. Violation
terms, agreements, rules, notice requirements and other relevant regulations of ASBISC Enterprises PLC and its related companies may cause disruption in the normal use of the licensed software, in which case ASBISC Enterprises PLC may revoke the license to use or accept measures to limit your license or other rights and interests controlled by ASBISC Enterprises PLC as set out in the Agreement, including in the form of a temporary suspension or revocation of your license to use.
9.3. If you violate the Agreement or other agreements with ASBISC Enterprises PLC, it has the right to inform related companies and demand that they take measures to limit your rights and interests, including suspending or terminating the provision of all or part of the services to you, and have legitimately reported your breach of agreement on websites they operate or actually control.
9.4. The download of the licensed software is done from the download platform, and you agree to abide by the rules set by that platform, the system platform, and the terminal manufacturer with respect to the way of use, as well as restrictions related to the licensed software. If the aforementioned third party confirms that you have violated the agreement and this requires action on the part of ASBISC Enterprises PLC, it may revoke your license to use at the request of that third party.
9.5. Upon termination of your license to use, you agree to cease using the licensed software and to destroy all copies of it.
9.6. You are obliged to indemnify ASBISC Enterprises PLC and other users for all losses incurred by them as a result of your breach of the terms of the Agreement.
X. Applicable law and autonomy of provisions
10.1. The issues of validity, interpretation, amendment, execution of the Agreement and consideration of disputes related to it are governed by the legislation of the Republic of Cyprus.
10.2. A dispute arising out of or related to the Agreement may be settled through good faith negotiations between you and ASBISC Enterprises PLC or referred to the Limassol court in which the Agreement was signed.
10.3. If any provision of the Agreement is held invalid by a court order, this does not affect the validity of the other provisions or parts thereof, and you and ASBISC Enterprises PLC agree to comply with the valid terms in good faith.
10.4. The agreement was signed in Limassol, Republic of Cyprus.