Membership Terms of Service
• Membership obligations and premium subscriptions
1. Whether you are registering or using this service, please confirm that all the information you provide to the company is accurate in order to complete the relevant certification binding.
2. This APP is a value-added APP service provided by Zhongjia Broadband for its fiber optic Internet users. If you unsubscribe from the company's fiber optic Internet service during the period, the company reserves the right to unbind the Internet device or APP account.
3. You are responsible for keeping and keeping your member login account name and password confidential. If there is any unauthorized login, please notify the company immediately. The Company is not responsible for any unauthorized activity.
4. Your member account needs to be bound with the company's optical fiber Internet user address and guest editor. An optical fiber Internet user address and guest editor can only be authenticated and bound to one APP account.
5. The use of this service shall comply with the relevant laws and regulations, and shall not use this service for the following acts:
a. To transmit or publish text or pictures that are abusive, defamatory, harassing, infringing upon the reputation of others, pornographic, violent, offensive, or otherwise contrary to public order and good morals.
b. Infringe on the privacy rights of others.
c. Any modification, restoration engineering, reverse coding, simplification into a form that is understandable to ordinary people, or reverse compiling of the software, preventing or hindering other users from using the service, spreading viruses through the service, or otherwise damaging the computer operation of others program.
d. or other conduct judged to be a violation of these Terms.
6. Unless otherwise agreed, the value-added services ordered by members will be charged with the bill of your fiber optic Internet connection.
7. In accordance with the provisions of Article 2, paragraph 5 of the "Guidelines for the Application of Reasonable Exceptions to the Right to Terminate Communication Transactions", the service will be completed as soon as you apply for installation, and the communication transactions in Article 19, Paragraph 1 of the Consumer Protection Law are not applicable. Seven-day cancellation right.
• Notices and Disclaimers
1. The "Home+ Smart Home" APP and the value-added binding of various home IoT devices for optical fiber Internet users are designed for home use. This service is designed for commercial use, anti-theft purposes, remote care, voice dialogue, etc. Without any guarantee obligations (including but not limited to damage or loss of business profits, business interruption, loss of business information, and any other monetary losses), users shall not fail to achieve or fail to achieve their expected results for their own specific purposes, and to the company for any claims.
2. The "Home+ Smart Home" APP shall not be liable for any defects and damages caused by the intentional or negligent actions of IoT equipment suppliers, hardware vendors, third-party service providers and other users. responsibility.
• Terms of Use Modification and Termination
1. The "Home+ Smart Home" APP reserves the right to revise these terms at any time. After the terms are revised, they will become effective upon announcement on the benefit notification interface of this APP. The company will not individually notify users in writing. If you continue to use the service after these terms are amended, you agree to the amended terms of use.
2. The company may modify, suspend or terminate the right to use the specific services and software provided in accordance with the terms of the "Home+ Smart Home" APP at any time.
• Governing Law and Jurisdiction
Any matters not covered in this clause shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of China. For lawsuits arising out of this service or these terms, the Taipei District Court in Taiwan shall be the court of first instance jurisdiction.